My mom has been a resident of Bob & Corky's for over 4 years now. Joel and his team could not be any more dedicated to providing the best care possible for each resident which brings tons of peace along a very difficult path.

Lauren S

If you are looking for the most loving, compassionate, quality care home for your loved one, look no further. Although our beloved mother only enjoyed the blessing of Bob & Corky's for one month, she was treated as a family member from the start. Joel, Christine, and Anna and all of the staff LOVED on our mother, celebrated her sense of humor and joie-de-vivre, and indulged her ice cream bar passion (making sure she ate properly at meals, of course...). The only negative thing I have to say is that I'm not old enough to move in myself. Thank you, Bob & Corkys. The Stevens Clan will be forever grateful.

Michele S

Love working here. This place is so caring and makes everyday a fun day for the residents and workers. The food is delicious too.

Corrine E

I needed a safe place for my mother to live and be taken care of as well as she was at her own home.

Bob and Corky's filled the requirements, and we were happy when Joel notified us that a space opened.

Mom had no problem adjusting and soon was enjoying her new space and four roomies.

This is an important point—the environment was comfortable and safe for her—she acclimated within hours. That was our deal; if she did not like being there she would not be forced.

Mom was treated respectfully and loved. She got to do crafts and seasonal projects, which was perfect for her as she was quite talented in a variety of crafts, art, dressmaking and ceramics.

She went on excursions with her pals; photos sent by Joel confirmed we had made the perfect choice—happy Marge.

I could visit anytime. Sometimes she would be involved with projects and not have time to visit—another important point—she enjoyed her surroundings and the staff.

Our family was happy and reassured that our choice for her to live, be loved and taken care of at Bob and Corky's was the best.

Thank you Bob and Corky's staff for giving my mother the care, attention and love during her stay—it won't be forgotten.

Deb P

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